Pecha Kucha on Body Language

Part of my training to be a trainer, I was asked to deliver a short timed presentation, called Pecha Kucha, to other trainers. I would then gather feedback from everyone on my presentation performance. The rules were simple: there can be only 20 slides, running for 20 seconds each. The presentation slides will be set to transition automatically.
I was quite nervous during the preparation. It took me a long time to research the materials and compile the presentation slides. When I practices my slides, I took longer than 20 seconds to finish explaining a slide. I just realized — I do not speak very fluently. So I figured I should just focus on the points I wanted to get across, rather than the exact sentences.

My presentation actually went pretty well. Within a minute of starting, I felt more relaxed up there. My focus was more on saying what I wanted to say, rather than on whether I did good or not. My hands were on the right places (not crossed over my chest, in the pockets, or moving randomly). I faced the people in the room distributively. The audience said that my slides were clear and supported what I said. The only thing was: I crammed too much into these 20-slide presentations. I was rushing to talk about each slide and had to skip one.

Here are my slides on "body languages to avoid":

Overall I was impressed with myself. Not to say that I do not have anything to improve, because I do. But I find that I can actually talk in front of people with confidence. There will be more opportunities to train myself in this. I am in full hope to prepare and do them well.


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